LETS TALK ABOUT NUMBER 2! And I don’t mean the VP!!


Some are looking at this story with unnecessary sentiments. They are wondering why the VP has been reduced to talking about toilets and in doing that, they totally miss the point. I am very interested in this subject and have been interested from the time I read Nigeria, my beloved country, is number 2 on the world open-defecation table. The article where I read this made the point by showing a group of young men “going” from a bridge into the canal below, not nice!!

It is annoying and embarrassing that we still don’t have toilets available everywhere to serve our growing population. In 2020, most of our population do not have access to water, making sanitation and hygiene, touch and go. So, it is interesting when you see the government of the day actually doing something about it and that the matter is considered serious enough for it to be in purview of the VPs office.

This article makes interesting reading. I didn’t know for instance, that there are LGAs which have been declared open-defecation free. Really??? Where??? I didn’t also know there was a committee set up to look at this issue. Please read the article to see how many members are in this committee, listed towards the end of the article.

What the article did not say is how man public toilets have been built in the time since 2016 when the committee was set up. That would be none, I haven’t seen any. Or what legislations are in place to ensure toilets are everywhere, again nothing. There should be laws in place that all eateries, bukas and bars must have working toilets for use by their clients before they get a licence to operate. Local health officers can ensure these facilities are there and maintained or such establishments could lose their licences. They are not too expensive to build or maintain.

Most petrol station on the highways already have toilets and have come to the rescue of many pressed travellers bursting to “go”. There is no reason why this should not be a compulsory stipulation to all petrol stations, landlords and all public event centres as part of the approval of their planning permission with hefty fines and even jail terms in place, for lack of compliance to provide and maintain.

When we acquired the premises for my business at Phoenix, it had been abandoned for some time. One of the biggest problem we had clearing the place was dealing with the wraps of “shot putt” which had been lobbed over the fence from next door. The house next to us did not have toilets and I wondered how anyone with their brain working would spend all that money building a house to let and forget to provide toilets for those who live there. The lobbing has now stopped and God knows where the tenants go to go.

LGAs and town planning people should ensure they emphasise this in approving building plans. Why should they give building permission to people who would not include toilets in the plan. LGAs should also build working, manned and well maintained public toilets in strategic locations in major cities, town and villages.

These are the sorts of things I would expect the committee should be concerning itself with. Not just sitting and paying lip service to what is a very serious issue. The commissions and allowances they earn for meeting could build a few toilets.

Have a lovely weekend, my lovely people.


Fani-Kayode, Madman at Large

News reached that Femi Fani-Kayode continues to put his foot in his mouth by continuing to stoke the fire of hatred amongst the Nigerian establishment.

First he advocated that the Ibos should be deported from Lagos to the East as their contributions to the former capital city is infinitesimal (deportation within your country, haba Mr ex minister)

He then claimed to have had an affair with the widow of the Ikemba, another slight on the Ibo people. Do we really need to know this? Do we care? Does the phrase “A gentleman never kisses and tell” mean anything to this guy. At any rate, the claims are being debunked and personally, I think he would be punching above his weight.

Finally, this morning, he stand accused of questioning the personal hygiene of Dr Oby Ezekwesili, a former ministerial colleague in the Obasanjo administration – could it be that he was the one actually smelling as in who smelt it dealt it?

After following all these unnecessary misrepresentations and in the case of the affair, indiscretion (who gives a frig), one is forced to question the motives of a washed up, misguided, attention seeking nonentity or more importantly, wonder what he is be smoking. How on God’s earth did this dude become minister with a mouth like that?

Such rhetoric of hate and division shows a semblance of pre war lose and careless jingoism and I call on all Yorubas and all Nigerians to roundly condemn it. Maybe if we treat him like the spoilt brat he is, maybe he would crawl back under the rock from where he came.

In the words of Ola Rotimi – “The difference between our leaders and the leaders of the developed World is like the difference between a fool and a madman; the fool goes to the marketplace but knows when to come back home to sleep, the madman goes to the marketplace and sleeps there”

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