Fani-Kayode, Madman at Large

News reached that Femi Fani-Kayode continues to put his foot in his mouth by continuing to stoke the fire of hatred amongst the Nigerian establishment.

First he advocated that the Ibos should be deported from Lagos to the East as their contributions to the former capital city is infinitesimal (deportation within your country, haba Mr ex minister)

He then claimed to have had an affair with the widow of the Ikemba, another slight on the Ibo people. Do we really need to know this? Do we care? Does the phrase “A gentleman never kisses and tell” mean anything to this guy. At any rate, the claims are being debunked and personally, I think he would be punching above his weight.

Finally, this morning, he stand accused of questioning the personal hygiene of Dr Oby Ezekwesili, a former ministerial colleague in the Obasanjo administration – could it be that he was the one actually smelling as in who smelt it dealt it?

After following all these unnecessary misrepresentations and in the case of the affair, indiscretion (who gives a frig), one is forced to question the motives of a washed up, misguided, attention seeking nonentity or more importantly, wonder what he is be smoking. How on God’s earth did this dude become minister with a mouth like that?

Such rhetoric of hate and division shows a semblance of pre war lose and careless jingoism and I call on all Yorubas and all Nigerians to roundly condemn it. Maybe if we treat him like the spoilt brat he is, maybe he would crawl back under the rock from where he came.

In the words of Ola Rotimi – “The difference between our leaders and the leaders of the developed World is like the difference between a fool and a madman; the fool goes to the marketplace but knows when to come back home to sleep, the madman goes to the marketplace and sleeps there”

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